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Degrees unedited is an open space for visual and applied arts students in the run up to and presentation of final year shows.

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New site is coming!

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'NOW'. Photo: Sikander Pervez. Courtesy:

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Joshua Tyson, University Campus Suffolk »
Jasper Weinstein Sheffield, Northumbria University »
Ali Reed, Staffordshire University »
Catriona Meighan, Edinburgh College of Art »
Sikander Pervez, Staffordshire University »
Val Jones, University Campus Suffolk »
Mercedes Ferrari, University of Brighton »

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ltest post

UCS Ipswich #32

By Julie Dodds

This Image is my response to The Procession of silence, and the anoymity for those looking to pay penance. I was thinking about my project , and thinking along the lines of women taking on the guise of men hiding behind the red hoods- although not Read on »

Francisco Goya, 'Procession of Flagellants', Oil Painting.

University Campus Suffolk

By Chive McLaughlin

Fine Art BA Hons

Located in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Read on »

Richard Taylor

is Online editor for Degrees unedited.
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