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Artists talking foregrounds conversations around contemporary artists practice. It aims to be a significant place for critical engagement and discourse on the wide spectrum of activities that make up contemporary arts practice. It is designed to widen understanding of artists' working lives and a means of positioning and platforming the firsthand experiences of artists. It forms part of a-n's role to widen participation in and heighten awareness of the contexts, value, issues and applications of contemporary visual arts practice.

It includes:

  • Projects unedited: Artists discussing their practice and experiences through personal blogs about the projects they're working on, as they happen, wherever they happen; revealing how things unfold from idea to realisation.
  • Artists' stories: Editorially commissioned features on significant and emerging artists, includes artists' firsthand experiences alongside interview-based profiles.
  • Image bank: Over 8,000 images from over 3,000 UK and international artists whose work has been editorially featured in any of a-n's publications or websites since 2000.
  • Latest news and articles on Artists' talking homepage edited by Andrew Bryant.
For artists
  • Start a project blog - any artist can blog about a project in progress, share insights into your practice and gain visibility for your work. Blog about the development of a residency, commission, exhibition, installation, collaboration, public art project, live art or other venture.
  • Join the community - network with other bloggers by posting comments on their blogs.
  • Research practice - explore what are your peers doing through Projects unedited blogs, Artists' stories and Image bank. How do they approach their work and what issues are important to them?
  • Keep in touch - sign up for RSS feeds to alert you when new content is posted to Artists talking, you can sign up to all blogs or specific ones you are interested in.
For arts organisers
  • Window on contemporary practice - first-hand commentary on issues and concerns for practising artists in Projects unedited as the blogs unfold.
  • Research artists and view work - use Artists' stories and Image bank to explore a wealth of diverse and interesting artists who have been editorially featured by a-n, many with web addresses so you can make direct contact.
  • Buy banner or button adverts for maximum visibility - online advertising with click-through to your own site can be purchased to promote your organisation on Artists talking. Contact
  • Keep in touch - sign up for RSS feeds to alert you when new content is posted to Artists talking, you can sign up to all blogs or specific ones you are interested in.
For the media
  • Find out about the real issues and concerns driving artists' practice and affecting their working lives.
  • Research artists working across the breadth of contemporary visual and applied arts practice including: diverse artforms, a wide range of career stages from final year art students to established practitioners and artists working towards residencies, commissions, exhibitions and on other projects.
  • Keep in touch - sign up for RSS feeds to alert you when new content is posted to Artists talking, you can sign up to all blogs or specific ones you are interested in.

First published: September 2007

Comments on this article

Was it images of your own work you were looking for Donna?

posted on 2013-11-04 by Stephen Palmer

I cannot find any images in my image bank, can you help. Donna Southern

posted on 2013-11-02 by Donna Andrea Southern

See this FAQ as further explanation of why you are not seeing the Start a blog link: Q How do I start a blog?

posted on 2013-01-08 by Susan Jones

ok . Now Ive found -Interface -have your say but not - "start a blog" I would really like to get on with that . Why do you think I am not getting it on screen ?

posted on 2013-01-08 by Anne Russell

It's faster and more secure to become an a-n+AIR member online - go to If you have been a member/subscriber in the past you can renew using this route too.

posted on 2013-01-08 by Susan Jones

Dear Susan . I feel very foolish but I cannot find any green buttons on the left , although there are some on the right but none say "Have your say " I wonder what Im missing here ..... also where do I send my subscription cheque ? sorry to be a pain .

posted on 2013-01-08 by Anne Russell


posted on 2013-01-08 by Anne Russell

When you are logged in and on the home page of Artists Talking look on the left hand side of the page. Below the set of green button links, you will find the heading 'Have your say' and below that the link to: Start a blog

posted on 2013-01-08 by Susan Jones

dont ask me why , but I cant see a link to where I would start my blog ! Im sure its here somewhere but Ive spent long enough looking back and forth . Could you give me the link here ? Anne

posted on 2013-01-07 by Anne Russell

Hello Kyra, thanks for your question. If you want to create a blog on Artists talking it must be exclusive content. However you can have a link on your Artists talking blog to your other blog, website and so-on. The benefits of a blog on Artists talking include being part of a community of art bloggers and being located within a well established platform for art writing and discussion. You can also get involved in Artists talking events and be featured in Choice blogs or Blogger interviews. I hope that helps. Best wishes, Andrew Bryant, Artists talking Editor

posted on 2011-12-06 by Andrew Bryant

HI. I'm really interested in joining this forum. I have started a blog about my current project, but used Wordpress as I was unaware this facility existed. The blog already has some followers, so is there a way to add my blog to this blog forum?

posted on 2011-12-01 by Kyra Pollitt

Ok that's great, thanks for your help!

posted on 2011-08-18 by Elena Thomas

Hello Elena, sorry for the delay. We can only take videos from feeds from youTube and Vimeo so you'll need to upload your mp3 to one or the other and then take the embed link from there. Hope that helps.

posted on 2011-08-18 by Andrew Bryant

Ok, I am going to have to ask the technical manager about this - I'll get back to you as soon as I know more.

posted on 2011-08-15 by Andrew Bryant

Hi Andrew, thanks for prompt reply, it's in my iTunes library. I would prefer not to put it elsewhere online.

posted on 2011-08-15 by Elena Thomas

Hi Elena, thanks for your question. Can I ask where the mp3 file is at the moment? Is it just in your itunes playlist or is it already online, for example on myspace or facebook, or a tumblr page..? Andrew

posted on 2011-08-15 by Andrew Bryant

Hi! What would be the best way to show, or link to, an mp3 file in my blog?

posted on 2011-08-15 by Elena Thomas

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