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a-n Magazine

February 2003

Can art change people's lives? David Butler on social inclusion policies. Penelope Curtis interrogates installation and Judith Staines delves into New Delhi's art scene. Professional development for Suffolk-based artists, plus Kerry Stewart on her own career path. Live art in Cologne, Jeff Wall in Manchester.

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Artists stories

Eline McGeorge

I relate to my work as moving still-drawings rather than animation or video. Subscribers read on…

Artists story, a-n Magazine February 2003 as ‘Moving drawing’

Kerry Stewart

Kerry Stewart finds time to talk about her professional development with Sally O'Reilly. Subscribers read on…

Artists story, a-n Magazine February 2003 as 'Play it by ear'

Paddy Hartley

Since completing an MA in ceramics in 1998, I've worked with and in response to a diverse range of people, environments and themes. Subscribers read on…

Artists story, a-n Magazine February 2003 as ‘Nip and tuck’


Capital city

New Delhi isn't an obvious destination for visual arts practitioners. However, as Judith Staines discovered, scratch the surface and a more interesting picture starts to emerge. Subscribers read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine February 2003

Life Changes

David Butler discusses the shift in government policy that increasingly recognises the role of artists in contributing to 'social inclusion' initiatives and welcomes your response. Subscribers read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine February 2003

Lost weekend

Last September a diverse group of artists from Germany, Austria, Russia, Scandinavia, the US and UK assembled in the studios of the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne for a frenzied weekend of live performance. Rob Flint was one of the participants. Subscribers read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine February 2003

Making art work

Heather Rigg reports on a professional development scheme in Suffolk that provides a package of support for artists in that region. Subscribers read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine February 2003

Old spaces for new art

Penelope Curtis explores how 'installation art' has affected our readings of art, artists and curators. Subscribers read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine February 2003


Creative partnerships

£40 million was awarded to the development of Creative Partnerships through the Arts Council of England as part of the Government's 2000 Comprehensive Spending Review. The two-year pilot programme that began in April 2002 will run to March… Subscribers read on…

News, a-n Magazine February 2003


The UK's newest centre for film, art and creative technology, opens on 22 February. The £10m FACT centre will offer a vibrant focal point in the £110m redevelopment of Liverpool's Ropewalks district and is a flagship project in the city's… Subscribers read on…

News, a-n Magazine February 2003

Ireland funds increase

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland (ACNI) has recently announced an uplift of more than £10m following the announcement of an extra £18m for the arts over three years from the Department of Culture, Arts & Leisure. Distribution of the… Subscribers read on…

News, a-n Magazine February 2003

New schemes for England

From 1 April, there will be two new funding programmes for England, to be run from the regional offices: Grants to organisations: investment for organisations including… Subscribers read on…

News, a-n Magazine February 2003

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