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Profile and promotion

Art world

No matter how pure the creative process in the studio, selling work is essential to the sustainability of many artists.

Whilst commercial galleries play a major role in moving work from studios into homes and collections, public galleries and other curatorial organisations provide opportunities for artists to test propositions and new contexts.

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Profiles: organisation

Mary Mary

S Mark Gubb talks to Glasgow's Mary, Mary about their transformation from artist-led project space to commercial gallery. Read on…

Profile: organisation, October 2007


The art world

Here is an overview of the types of private and public galleries and organisations that constitute the UK's art world. Examples demonstrate what drives them, as well as the imperatives of some of the artists who exhibit and develop work for them. Read on…

Introduction, March 2009


Contemporary gallery practice

Paulette Terry Brien reveals how a number of national public-funded galleries and organisations have expanded notions of exhibition programming beyond pristine white-walled gallery spaces, and are commissioning artists to make new and challenging work within the institution, as well as off-site. Read on…

Tour, February 2009

Curatorial organisations

Beyond the curatorial work established by and presented from within art museums and galleries, a plethora of curatorial organisations operate in order to support and develop the practice of curating. This tour, by Charlotte Frost, examines some of the different remits addressed by curatorial organisations, providing an initial orientation in their hugely diverse activities. Read on…

Tour, February 2009

Selling initiatives

Independent curator Jeni Walwin looks at issues relating to selling work and examines a number of different ways that artists can engage with the art world on a commercial basis. Read on…

Tour, November 2008


Approaching galleries

While there are no set rules, this guide by Gavin Wade suggests a number of imaginative strategies for creating gallery interest in your work. Read on…

Guide, April 2003

Gallery, dealer and agent agreements

The following checklist by Sheena Etches and Nicholas Sharp covers many of the issues that arise when artists enter an arrangement with a private gallery, dealer or agent. Read on…

Guide, April 2003


Cell Project Space

Paul Stone on east London based organisation Cell Project Space that across three sites encompasses gallery, studios and internship programme. Read on…

Profile, May 2006

Profiles: artists

Alberta Whittle

Originally from Barbados, Alberta Whittle graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2002 with a Tapestry degree. Read on…

Profile: artist, June 2007

Blast Theory

Jeni Walwin on the artistic achievements of Blast Theory, an internationally renowned artists' group creating groundbreaking new forms of performance and interactive art that mixes audiences across the internet, live performance and digital broadcasting. Read on…

Profile: artist, April 2003

Grace Ndiritu

Sara Raza on Grace Ndiritu, a young London based artist who is enjoying an upwards ascent with an impressive portfolio of national and international exhibitions, that present a fresh style of politics and performativity. Read on…

Profile: artist, April 2007

Hayley Newman

Hayley Newman works performatively, producing live events, film, video and photography. Sally O'Reilly looks at how she investigates modes of documentation and the historical placement of the genre. Read on…

Profile: artist, April 2003.
Updated September 2006.

Lida Abdul

Born in Kabul in 1973, Lida Abdul has returned to live there. Kim Dhillon looks at her practice, working accross various media, that fuses Western formalist traditions with numerous aesthetic influences. Read on…

Profile: artist, April 2007

Nils Norman

Nils Norman's practice uses digital illustrations and architectural modelmaking to propose redevelopments of urban sites. Chris Hammonds finds out about his 'multi-front economy' based practice. Read on…

Profile: artist, April 2003

Scott Myles

Chris Hammonds looks into Scott Myles practice and discusses how he has worked on self-initiated projects, developed work through residencies, and benefitted from commercial representation. Read on…

Profile: artist, April 2003

Tea Mäkipää

Finnish artist Tea Mäkipää's work confronts her viewpoint of impending ecological catastrophe through interventions and installations positing an alternative vision of existence. By Manick Govinda. Read on…

Profile: artist, April 2007


Artists stories

Cornelia Parker

Simon Morrissey cuts to the chase with Cornelia Parker and finds out how she has fought commercial pressures to follow her own artistic agenda. Read on…

Artists story, a-n Magazine June 2002 as 'In pursuit of freedom'

Tania Kovats

Rosemary Shirley talks to Tania Kovats about how she sustained her practice through a flexible and diverse approach to working. Read on…

Artists story, a-n Magazine May 2002 as 'Maintaining visibility'


It's a far away town

International fairs are a great opportunity for researching galleries and making contacts, here is a selection of just some of the 150 showing at this year’s Frieze Art Fair. Read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine October 2004

London calling

As the international art world’s attention turns to London, Eliza Patten previews Frieze Art Fair and some of the events taking place alongside it. Read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine October 2004

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