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Time and space


The term studio has a broad range of definitions, from a space in a group building that is intrinsic to an artist's practice, an arena for exchange, an isolated cell for toil and contemplation or a corner of a flat.

Topic includes material enhancing The studios toolkit, designed especially for artists thinking of setting up workspace facilities and published with Arts Council England support, profiling numerous group studio set ups at different stages of development.

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Artists & studios

Free taster of subscriber-only material held in the Studios section. Read on…

Introduction, April 2003


Artists & studios

Stephen Palmer explores the issues surrounding artists and their studios - from finances, time and work patterns and location to group set-ups and DIY options. Read on…

Tour, March 2005

Group studios

Paul Glinkowski looks at the UK studio landscape, highlighting successful new studio models. He also offers advice to artists wanting to set-up their own group. Read on…

Tour, March 2005


Establishing a studio group

This guide by Jonathan Waring covers the process of establishing a studio group: from having the initial idea, bringing together a likeminded group of artists and getting hold of a space, to running the studios effectively on a day-to-day basis. Read on…

Guide, June 2007

Getting legal advice

Most professional artists will occassionally need to seek legal advice about some aspect of their practice. This guide by Rebecca Farley signposts key sources of legal advice and information. Read on…

Guide, April 2003. Updated November 2012

Safe working practice

Whilst safe working practice is largely a matter of common sense, it is also a legal and professional issue. This guide by David Pope introduces the key legislation and offers practical advice on risk assessment. Read on…

Guide, April 2003

Profiles: studio

Art Gene

Art Gene combines a residency programme with links with education and plays an active part in local regeneration. Read on…

Profile: studio, March 2005

Bow Arts Trust

How education work has contributed to this studio's success. Read on…

Profile: studio, March 2005

Cockpit Arts

Cockpit Arts' chief executive Vanessa Swann and business development manager Ellen O'Hara speak to Jane Watt about Cockpit's unique incubator scheme for designer-makers in London. Read on…

Profile: studio, December 2008


CRATE successfully accessed economic development and regeneration funds to buy a building. Read on…

Profile: studio, March 2005

Dorset Art Weeks (DAW)

DAW adapted a successful model of an open studios event for a rural location. Read on…

Profile: studio, March 2005

East Street Arts

East Street Arts (ESA) is a model example of what the purchase and refit of studios involves. Read on…

Profile: studio, November 2004


Temporary studios can be a useful option for creating project-specific work. Read on…

Profile: studio, March 2005


How a partnership with their local university helped FusionARTS secure studio premises. Read on…

Profile: studio, March 2005

Gasworks studios

Gasworks is part of an international network of independent studios around the globe. Read on…

Profile: studio, March 2005

Green Close Studios

A small collective workspace in a converted barn in rural Lancashire. Read on…

Profile: studio, March 2005

Nottingham Studios Consortium

Nottingham Studios Consortium is an example of the ‘strength in numbers’ approach in making the case for studio provision. Read on…

Profile: studio, March 2005

Occupation Studios

Occupation Studios is a case study in cooperative survival in the urban regeneration landscape. Read on…

Profile: studio, March 2005

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue has thrived through establishing a diversity of activities and income streams. Read on…

Profile: studio, March 2005

Rodney Court project

Rodney Court is a proposed conversion of a Manchester tower block into live/work space for artists. Read on…

Profile: studio, March 2005

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