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Time and space

Engaged practice

Socially-engaged is a term for an approach to visual arts practice where people and social or environmental contexts and artists' artistic and aesthetic concerns are brought together for mutual examination, exchange and experimentation.

Contexts include include education, healthcare, community programmes and business.

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Engaged practice

Free taster of subscriber-only material in the Engaged practice section. Read on…

Introduction, April 2003


Artists & businesses

Lucy Kimbell looks at how artists and arts organisations can work with businesses and the pros and cons of such collaborations. Read on…

Tour, April 2003

Engaged practice

Susan Jones explores the way artists interact with audiences through projects and schemes which involve social or environmental contexts. Read on…

Tour, April 2003


Agreeing a contract

This guide by Sheena Etches and Nicholas Sharp outlines issues and practicalities to be aware of when negotiating and agreeing a contractual arrangement.
Also see The artist's contracts toolkit » devised by Sharp and Etches.
 Read on…

Guide, April 2003


This guide by Judith Winter offers ideas and practical advice on how to develop proposals and present ideas to organisations and individuals. Read on…

Guide, April 2003

Working with people

Artist's skills are valuable and can be applied in community, outreach and educational projects. This guide by Rosemary Shirley offers practical advice for artists wanting to gain experience and develop their practice in this area. Read on…

Guide, April 2003


Barby Asante and Sonia Boyce

Video of the artists Barby Asante and Sonia Boyce discussing crossovers between their practices, working with people on collective memory building, notions of participation and juggling a portfolio career. Read on…

Profile, September 2012

Business index

Carey Young provides a guide to engaging with businesses and in business contexts. Read on…

Profile, April 2003


This profile looks at the activities of Littoral, an arts trust promoting new creative partnerships, critical art practices and cultural strategies in response to issues about social, environmental and economic change. Read on…

Profile, April 2003

Richard Layzell and Hunt & Darton

Video of the artists, Richard Layzell and Hunt & Darton in conversation on the commonalities of their practices, working immersed in business environments, building community and embracing risk and uncertainty.

 Read on…

Profile, August 2012


Neal White, a member of Soda, shares the groups experience of undertaking a residency at the pharmaceuticals company Pfizer. Read on…

Profile, April 2003

Profiles: artists

Adele Prince

Jo Wilson looks at the practice of Adele Prince who, since graduating in 2001, continues to work full-time as an artist on a variety of commissions and exhibitions. Read on…

Profile: artist, June 2007

Anna Best

Su Jones explores Anna Best's 2001 National Media residency for Year of the Artist here at a-n The Artists' Information Company. Read on…

Profile: artist, April 2003

Deirdre Nelson

Penny Jones talks to Deirdre Nelson about her textile-based work, often made in response to museum collections or site histories and informed by local communities, and residencies in the Scottish Highlands and Australia. Read on…

Profile: artist, June 2008

Maria Wilson

Maria Wilson shares her experience of working at Maesgwyn Special School as part of Opt for Art, a project funded by the Arts Council of Wales. Read on…

Profile: artist, April 2003

Michael Atavar

Michael Atavar talks about the ups and downs of his experience as artist-in-residence at The Guardian. Read on…

Profile: artist, April 2003

Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie: Bata-ville

Jane Watt speaks to Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie about their practice, the Bata-ville project and working with Commissions East. Read on…

Profile: artist, January 2005.
Updated November 2006.


In html format

Dias & Riedweg: Border zones and poetic encounters

Catherine Wilson addresses three collaborative projects by Rio de Janeiro-based Mauricio Dias and Walter Riedweg who develop works with communities and social groups often on the edges of mainstream society.  Read on…

Publication in html, a-n Collections September 2008

Artists stories

Bill Drummond

Artist Bill Drummond is twinning Kensington in Liverpool with Kensington in London – through kettles. Read on…

Artists story, a-n Magazine October 2004 as 'Man walks into a greengrocer's'.

Hewitt and Jordan

We set out to work with other artists and curators as well as those people with whom we collaborate on the site of our projects. Read on…

Artists story, a-n Magazine July 2005 as ‘Gangs’

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