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Making a living


How do self-employed artists operate? What does a typical artist-run business look like?

This exploration of self-employment and the characteristics of artist-run businesses offers practical guidance with artists' profiles on developing the skills and qualities needed to get started in creative practice.

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Free taster of subscriber-only material in the Self-employment section. Read on…

Introduction, April 2003


Artists' business

Brigid Howarth looks at how Sue Park, Amanda Doughty, Joe Magee and Kuljit Chuhan make a living thourgh selling their work or skills. Read on…

Tour, April 2003

Guides and tips for creative freelancers

We asked consultant and researcher Dany Louise to pick a selection of guides pertinent to creative freelance workers.

 Read on…

Tour, November 2012

Self-employed artist

Linda Ball explores how self-employed artists operate and how an artist-run business can work. Read on…

Tour, April 2003

Support schemes

Artist, advisor and a-n Jobs and Opps editor Kate Brundrett draws on her knowledge of national and regional support schemes for artists. She reveals the range of business and professional development advice available. In addition, she suggests key questions and issues that an artist might consider in assessing the most relevant support at a particular point in their career. Read on…

Tour, February 2009. Contacts last updated Jan 2013.

Working artists

Linda Ball explores how artists, makers and desgners can find work outside their artform. Read on…

Tour, April 2003


Becoming self employed

For many artists and arts organisers self employment is the best option of receiving income, giving freedom to choose work, better work-life balance and tax savings. This guide by Russell Smith explains what you need to know about becoming self employed. Read on…

Guide, June 2007, updated November 2012

Getting paid

As a professional artist you may spend a good part of your time sending out invoices, chasing payments and generally worrying about your cashflow. This guide by Alison Branagan considers different payment options and offers practical advice on managing debtors. Read on…

Guide, April 2003

Pensions for artists

This guide aims to set out why people should be considering a pension or retirement plan and a number of different choices that are available. The document is primarily aimed at self employed artists. Read on…

Guide, June 2007

Using 'Jobs & opps' as a learning resource

A guide to using Jobs & opps as a learning resource. Jane Watt reveals how can be used as a valuable resource for artists to develop professional practice. She looks at how information from past opportunity listings, project reports and interviews can be used by artists to realise present and future goals. This guide is punctuated by a series of six ‘activities’ that enable users to realise the full potential of resources on offer. Read on…

Guide, October 2009


Ellie Harrison and Jordan McKenzie

Video of the artists Ellie Harrison and Jordan McKenzie in conversation, with insights into surviving financially, alternative ways of doing things and using humour to engage people.

 Read on…

Profile, October 2012

Profiles: artists

Hans Borgonjon

Hans Borgonjon talks about how a Crafts Council Development Award has helped him to develop his ceramic practice and studio. Read on…

Profile: artist, March 2009

Joshua Sofaer

Roddy Lumsden talks to artist Joshua Sofaer about the differences between performance and live art, audiences, and finding funding. Read on…

Profile: artist, April 2003.
Updated September 2006.


David Redhead profiles Muf, a collaborative practice of art and architecture committed to public realm projects, exploring its manifesto, projects and modes of collaborative working. Read on…

Profile: artist, April 2003

Richard William Wheater

Richard William Wheater is a recipient of the Crafts Council Development Award. He talks to Jane Watt about his installation/performance work, his experience of applying for funding and the importance of being focused, but not pigeon-holed. Read on…

Profile: artist, February 2009

Profiles: studio

Cockpit Arts

Cockpit Arts' chief executive Vanessa Swann and business development manager Ellen O'Hara speak to Jane Watt about Cockpit's unique incubator scheme for designer-makers in London. Read on…

Profile: studio, December 2008


Craft businesses thrive

A new study by Cockpit Arts and Cities Institute at London Metropolitan University, Exploring business activity & performance in the craft sector, provides insight into the recent growth patterns of a number of designer-makers based at Cockpit Arts in London, and shows that craft businesses are thriving. Read on…

Feature, December 2008

Art of survival

Victoria Callen describes the pressures faced by rural crafts businesses and suggests key strategies for survival.  Read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine June 2001

Funding mole

Brigid Howarth investigates the world of arts funding and reveals a network of funding routes available to emerging artists. Read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine July 2001



The artist's fees toolkit

This toolkit takes artists step-by-step through a process to calculate an individual daily rate and prepare quotes for freelance work. Read on…

Guide, December 2004

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