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for Arts organisers

Whether you're working with artists regularly or occasionally, you'll find the articles and good practice guides in Knowledge Bank essential reading. Subjects covered include project management, working with artists, organising events, contracts, insurance and good practice in paying artists.

Jane Watt Knowledge bank commissions coordinator

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Working with artists

Looking at the changing face of visual arts work and its imapact on arts organisers.

Code of Practice - Organisations

A Code of Practice takes commonly-agreed principles of good practice and demonstrates why and how they should be applied. Read on…

Code, October 2003. Updated 2006.

Artists’ strategies

Free taster of subscriber-only material held in the Artists' strategies section. Read on…

Introduction, March 2008

Residencies in business

Lucy Kimbell outlines some issues that can arise from residencies in business settings and should be resolved in advance. Subscribers read on…

Guide, April 2003

Employing artists

Find out more about contracts, budgets and rates of pay.

Agreeing a contract

This guide by Sheena Etches and Nicholas Sharp outlines issues and practicalities to be aware of when negotiating and agreeing a contractual arrangement.
Also see The artist's contracts toolkit » devised by Sharp and Etches.
 Subscribers read on…

Guide, April 2003

Good practice in paying artists

Aimed at public sector arts employers, commissioners, consultants and arts trainers, Good practice in paying artists addresses the context for fees and payments for artists’ residencies, workshops and community commissions.  Read on…

Guide, March 2005. Updated for 2007/08 September 2007.


As a UK artist you automatically hold copyright in your original works of art. This guide introduces the basic concepts of copyright law and offers practical advice on protecting your work against possible infringement. Subscribers read on…

Guide, April 2003

Organising events

There's more to organising an event than just ringing up a few artists and asking them to show some slides. Learn how to successfully plan, develop, manage and promote an event.

Working with people

Artist's skills are valuable and can be applied in community, outreach and educational projects. This guide by Rosemary Shirley offers practical advice for artists wanting to gain experience and develop their practice in this area. Subscribers read on…

Guide, April 2003

Setting up an event

A guide by Paul Stone on how to successfully plan, develop, manage and promote an artist-led event.  Subscribers read on…

Guide, April 2003

Good exhibition practice

Encouraging a consistent attitude to quantifying the value of artists across the exhibition and gallery world. Read on…

Guide, October 2005

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