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Making a living

Explores how artists use employment, business and commercial environments to create and sustain their practice.

The range of options and approaches are set out through illuminating features from arts education expert Linda Ball and writers Tim Birch, Morgan Falconer and Brigid Howarth.

Alongside, you can access profiles of key organisations such as the Affordable Art Fair and Contemporary Art Society; and of support schemes for artists including Next Move. Successful practitioners profiled include Ben Coode-Adams, Comme ca, muf, Johanne Mills, Junko Mori and Kate Schuricht.

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What is the commercial climate for fine and applied arts? How important are galleries, corporate collectors and art fairs?

Artists seeking to make a living from their work have to think carefully about how best to develop sales opportunities for their work.

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How do self-employed artists operate? What does a typical artist-run business look like?

This exploration of self-employment and the characteristics of artist-run businesses offers practical guidance with artists' profiles on developing the skills and qualities needed to get started in creative practice.

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