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Arts organisers

We've provided a point of contact within our information-rich site so you can more easily research around the environment for contemporary visual arts and gather insights into the what, why and how of artists' practice.

Welcome to Arts organisers

Welcome to the area of the site created especially for you. Whether you’re a visual arts specialist or working more broadly within the arts, here you’ll find quick routes into some of our key resources and materials, plus signposting to areas referred to regularly.

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Neil Armstrong, ‘Repetition’.(from The Specials Project).

Research papers

Artists work in 2012 provides analysis and commentary on work and opportunities, comparing to previous years and revealing the ongoing difficult work environment for artists. Read on »

The lay of the land: current approaches to professional practice in visual and applied arts BA courses. Informed by conversations with HEIs around the UK, Sarah Rowles' research highlights themes including transferable skills; audiences; partnerships and responsibilities; and graduate retention. Read on »

Knowledge bank

In Fees & payments: headline results of AIR's Paying Artists Survey offer thought provoking statistics. Open pdf  »

How to distribute video online - artist Anton Hecht shares strategies on how to get views and feedback for video work published online. Watch video »

Guide to Universal Credits - what the self employed need to know. Read on »

In Prizes and awards: Lauren Healey talks to 2011 Northern Art Prize winner Leo Fitzmaurice about objectness, appropriation and his time-intensive research process. Read on »

a-n News highlights

Art, novelty, seriousness and play: round-up of Grayson Perry's Reith Lectures for BBC Radio 4 Read on »

New ACE Strategy: keep calm and carry on...
Read on »

Projects: Manchester – a space for artists to test and experiment Read on »

Conference report: artists and technologists at Seven on Seven Read on »

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'Crowdfunding, London, March 2012'


New professional development programme for visual artists and independent arts organisers! Read on »

Arts funding

Realising the value Six months after her Ladders for development report, Dany Louise interviews a selection of small visual arts organisations who were unsuccessful in their NPO applications, to find out what their futures hold. Read on »

Little or large? Gillian Bates explores the complexities and hurdles individual visual artists face if they want to lever grants, and questions whether the funding dice is loaded against the artist in favour of arts organisations. Read on »

A fair share? Is there enough funding going to individual artists and are the application processes user-friendly? Read on»

Ladders for development: Dany Louise discusses new evidence exposing and quantifying the likely impact on the visual arts of Arts Council England's decisions on fifteen previously Regularly Funded Organisations (RFOs) visual arts organisations unsuccessful in their NPO application. Read on »

See Arts funding index for more news.

Good practice

Open exhibitions - top tips on setting up. Read on »

Explore the nuts and bolts of working with artists collaboratively and effectively. Read on »

Timely, expert advice that explores working relationships between arts organisers and artists and provides guidance for advisors and tutors. Read on »

Why volunteer in the visual arts? A guide for artists and organisers, with comments from artists and good practice checklist. Read on »

Inspire confidence among project partners with The Code of practice. Read on »

New site coming!

The new a-n website is on its way! Centred around a professional environment for conversation with fast routes to news, reviews, blogs and resources. Find out more »

Interface reviews

Maru Rojas Cuahonte reviews neo:artprize2013 at neo:gallery22, Bolton: “The underlying thread is precisely a lack of something: the absence of the self, the body and the personal.” Read on »

Dave Pao reviews the 2nd Design4Health Conference 2013 at Sheffield Hallam University: “I've been a medical doctor all my working life and in July, for the first time I found myself walking through the doors of a design conference.” Read on »

Lab4Living, Sheffield Hallam University and SITraN, University of Sheffield, '"Head-Up" (2nd from camera)', neoprene and plastic. Photo: Dr Dave Pao. Tailorable neck support, rather than neck fixation

Work place

Our jobs and opps service is used by 18,000 professional artists, and gets your work out to the best applicants.
Read on »