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About news feeds


News feeds (also known as RSS feeds) are an easy way for you to be alerted when new content that interests you appears on websites of your choice - it's ideal for a-n's opportunities listings where there are over 200 listings at any time to help you see what's newly added.

Instead of spending time browsing through websites on the off-chance that new material might have been added, News feeds do the work for you. If new material is found you will be alerted with brief details and a direct link to the appropriate web page. The real benefit of feed readers is that they can pull in content from many feeds from many sites very efficiently - it takes a fraction of the dial-up connection time it would take for you to browse for the same information - a factor that is particularly attractive for artists who aren't on broadband and need to watch dial-up costs.

News feeds are available from websites wherever you see one of many different kinds of news-feed icon, such as:
An emerging standard is developing around this icon which we have chosen to use.

To make use of News feeds you need a feed reader. The latest versions of internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) have a built-in reader which means you don't need to install another reader. Otherwise these come as standalone programmes - try the free NetNewsWire Lite for Macintosh (look for the free Lite version) or FeedReader for Windows. Alternatively, the personalised home-pages such as Google Home or My MSN can display your selected feeds - useful if you rely on a shared computer.

Once you have installed your feed reader click on the News feed link in the relevant Opportunities section, copy the url in the address field of your browser and paste it into the news feed function in your reader - each reader handles this in a different way so follow your feed reader's instructions. You can select a-n News feeds for specific categories of Opportunities - just select the ones you want - or have an alert when any new opportunity is posted - select 'All categories'.

You can also have news feeds to alert you to new postings on a-n's reviews unedited and projects unedited sites.

Using feeds with Firefox v.2 (Windows and Mac)

Version 2 of Firefox for Windows and Mac offers news feed functions.

1. Within the Opportunity pages in click on the feed you want to subscribe to (eg Collaborative projects):

2. Firefox opens the feed. To subscribe click the "Subscribe now" button:

3. Click OK:

4. The latest items in the feed are shown in a pull-down menu. Click at item to load the page to read the full entry. If you are not alreay logged in the standard login page will appear enter your a-n login details.

Using feeds with Internet Explorer 7 (Windows)

Internet Explorer 7 (Windows, not Mac) has news feed capabilities

1. Within the Opportunity pages in click on the feed you want to subscribe to (eg Collaborative projects):

2. Internet Explorer opens the feed. To subscribe to the feed click the "Subscribe to this feed" link:

3. Click the "Subscribe button":

4. The feed is added to the list of feeds you have subscribed to. To view a feed click on it:

5. The feed is loaded and you can view the summary of each item in the feed:

6. Click on the title of the entry to go to the opportunities page on

Using feeds with FeedReader (Windows)

1. Within the Opportunity pages in click on the feed you want to subscribe to (eg Collaborative projects):

2. Copy the the web address from the address field:

3. Open FeedReader, select New > Feed:

4. The copied url is automatically pasted in, click OK button:

5. Top view the feed:

  • Select a feed from the left-hand column.
  • The right-hand column shows the titles of the items in the feed:

6. Click on a title to reveal the summary of the item:

7. To view the item in the web site double click the title.
Because the opportunities are reserved for subscribers you will need to login with your a-n login details:

8. The web page is loaded into FeedReader:

Using feeds with NetNewsWire Lite (Mac OSX)

NetNewsWire Lite works with Mac OSX 10.3.9 and above.

1. Within the Opportunity pages in click on the feed you want to subscribe to (eg Collaborative projects):

2. If you have installed NetNewsWire as your default news reader and you are using Safari as your browser the NetNewsWire subscribe dialog is automatically opened. Click Subscribe:

If you are using another internet browser and/or you did not instal NetNewsWire as your default news reader you will need to:

  • Copy the url:

  • Click NetNewsReader's "Subscribe" button

  • This will automatically insert the feed into the New Subscription dialog window, click "Subscribe" button to subscribe to the feed:

3. The latest items in the feed are shown in the right-hand pane of the NetNewsWire window:

4. Click on the title of an item to show its summary details:

5. Double click the title of an item to open the web page for the full listing. If you are not logged in you will be asked to insert you a-n login details.

First published: April 2003

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