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We've provided a point of contact within our information-rich site so you can more easily research the tools, materials and resources you’ll need when you advise and support artists and art and design students.

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The new a-n website is on its way! Centred around a professional environment for conversation with fast routes to news, reviews, blogs and resources. Find out more »

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Bronwen Hyde, 'Alice in furnitureland', 2010. From the interior/exterior series. 

Video guides

Make sure your students get the most out of online media:
How to use Twitter »
How to use Blogging »

Plus video guides commissioned by Artquest for the ArtlawTV channel looking at copyright:
Art and ideas »
Site specific art »
A cultural commons »
Art and appropriation »
Gallery deals »

The power of the internet. Practical guide examining the various ways crowd-funding has manifested new possibilities for revenue streams. How to get crowd-funding »

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'Carlo and Nick from'

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"Where some people see urban decay and decline, we see potential!" Dan Thompson's Artists in empty shops guide. Read on »

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For tutors

Anthony Schrag, 'Wrasslin’ (wrestling)'. Photo: Claire Hazelton. performance on Margate Beach, 20 February 2010.

Tools for teaching

Looking for new professional practice material for next academic year? Use our specialist guides written by and for professional practice tutors.
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Julie Cockburn, ‘Flowerbook 3’, book, 29x19cm, 2003.

HE Publications

Developed in collaboration with specialists and experts in the HE sector and artists' professional development organisations, these publications support professional practice teaching in art and design courses. Read on »


Designed to see students through the final stage of their degree and launch into professional life, the a-n Student subscription is a free twelve-month online subscription.
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2012 graduated of glass and ceramics, 'Crowd', Play-dough, 09/02/2012.

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Artists talking

Artists talking » exposes contemporary artists' practice through artists' blogging about their practice. 

Jack Hutchinson

Critical writing

Interface » is a-n’s place for new critical writing about art.

Photo: Axel Hesslenberg. Installation View